Saturday, February 6, 2010

friday : finish or frog

i recently joined the Finish or Frog group on Ravelry. the concep tis simple enough : every friday, look at all the things you are currently working on, and decide whether or not you are actually going to finish them. if not, frog it! i was uber tired and didn't get around to posting last night, but better late than never.

for my first FoF friday, i picked three projects i was absolutely sick of:

in this bucket is Spring Fever Mittens from the latest issue of Interweave Crochet, ahlf of a Comfy Sock from knitting Daily's free patterns, and the start of a glove based on the Fusilli Beanie pattern from Stitsailuja.

the comfy socks pattern i've done twice, once as a gift and one that i ended up giving away because it grew in the wash. i thought i wanted a pair for myself, but it was taking way too long to get to the toe, and i simply lost interest.

the pair i gave away is currently keeping my mom's feet warm from the foot of snow we got last night!

the fusilli- based glove was going to be a gift for my cousin, for whom i knit the beanie for christmas. couldn't figure out how to go for the thumb, and again, had lost interest. took it off the needles for another project.

lastly the spring fever mittens - i've been trying to find something i want to do with this yarn ( Lamb's Pride Worsted and Patons SWS) for ages, but i realized i'm not too keen on having to felt it.

forgging is like cleaning out your closet - very refreshing.