Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Inspiration of the Day

this has been my background since november or thereabouts.
even though my family is not happy, we got the rest of the christmas spirit down to pat

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Inspiration of the Day

it is funny because what it claims is ridiculous.

bigotry never ceases to amuse. bigoted anti-bigotry is what gets me.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Inspiration of the Day

Roy Lichtenstain's Mural with a Blue Brushstroke. using this as a reference for an upcoming project. :)i've seen this in person.
image from the wikipedia page on Lichtenstein.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Inspiration of the Day

so instead of trying to keep everything in One note, i'ma post it here. keeps thing nice an orderly.

i'm in love with the Chowder Hat by Mandy Zeller. pattern can be found on her livejournal
her hat

and from the show


Friday, June 26, 2009


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Concerns are None of Yours

i hate complaining on the internet when i have no real qualms. gov school didn't count because there were things to back up my disappointment in that so instead of a rant here's a progress pic of the last project i really worked on in my Drawing and Painting class.

also, the new season of true blood starts on sunday and thanks to resubscribing to verizon cable and getting a new TV, i will be watching in HD. when it airs, instead of online. this is something to be happy about. really.

Friday, May 8, 2009

My First Open Letter

I've been told that writing letters can be therapeutic, so i gave it a try. it helped a little, i think.

To LPPAC, Governor Rendell, and whomever else it may concern,

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to spend a few weeks of one of my last youthful summers surrounded by my young artist peers, and the chance to take free classes in art and the many different aspects of it, to learn new things, make friends, and have a ridiculously fun time. I had a lot of fun just preparing, stressing out over the deadline, taking pride in my portfolio and kissing it good-bye before it went off to be judged.

Mr. Rendell, you have a special place in my heart since the moment you ripped the rug out from under my hopeful feet and the funding out from all eight of the governor's school programs. I didn't know it until a week or so later, but all the waiting I'd done, the excitement of simply being judged in this first round, had me floating. All for naught. I'm sorry I didn't get around to writing you this letter until so many months after the fact. I was just too blown away by the fact that my wonderful summer had dissipated, because you couldn't spare 4 million bucks, half for now half for next year. Where else is that money going to go? Standardized testing? Expect another angry letter if my sister has to take more than the current state-mandated tests when she hits my level in high school.

And, oh! Sweet, generous LPPAC. I'm sorry I giggled at your name, but when your share it with that of a pop punk rock band, it's hard not to snicker. Thanks for picking me up and stringing me along another month and a half, for inspiring me to drag my mother and sister to two FedEx Kinko's at nine on a Friday night, in the rain, to rip my precious handiwork out of its comfortable mats, to scan and send for one hundred and thirty something dollars. It was a worthwhile investment. And after my dip in hope over my summer vacation, it was refreshing to be able to leave the store and know that I still had a chance. I even kissed it goodbye again, knowing that this would be the last time I saw those copies. And most of all, thank you very much for waiting to tell me another 3 weeks that my chance was not redeemable; not even store credit.

Now I'm sitting here and all my friends have made other plans, and I'm back to square one. No Otakon ( though I'm not sure how keen I am/was on going again) no free art classes, no 'get-out-of-another-mind-fracturing-family-vacation-free' card, no single thing to do. I'm down to volunteering at my mom's hospital ( again, just a different one) finding a job (as if), and college searching. If I'm lucky my parents will take pity and send me to classes at Moore again.

I don't regret the time and effort put into my art for you; some college may welcome it with arms wide open, someday soon. And the first feelings of accomplishment and excitement I'll always cherish, and maybe even look to replicate. There are scholarships and contests, and as the PSEA show reassured me, the flaws I perceive in my own work are invisible to some others. i guess you weren't some others, but I'll be over you soon enough.

I may not know what I'm going to do now; things can fall into place on their own, but right now I'd like to think I'll be doing something to force them into a shape that is aesthetically pleasing.



Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bitten by the Comic Bug

you can say i was a bit bored during my driver's ed class this week.
or you could say i'm being productive. Dood ( the one with the Beret) is (C) Lan-kun. http://lan-kun.deviantart.com

and then the day after i pieced together some newprint and started paneling. it's not meant to make sense yet. Kudos to whomever figure out the scribblings in the first 2 panels.

no promises about finishing though. characters in order of appearance :
Unnamed OC
Lan-kun's Dood Palette
NP Mische
NP Eugene
NP Dan ( currently just a face, pg 2, p1)
Resh and NP.

dream interp blog is not dead yet! just needs a little bit more discussing...

and also, the Gov School replacement program, Summer Arts at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center ( it's ok to lol, i did too) results sometyime before May 8th. i'm crossing all my crossables.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break Is The Pits

Spring break is halfway over and the most exciting things i'vedone are knit and underwear shop.
the bright side of that is the a found a pretty good strapless bra type item to wear under equally strapless outwear type items. finally.

other than that i've been college/job searching (WTF indeed) and studying for SATs (taking 'em in June) and AP english language and comp. exam (in May). and a little for the driving. XD.

hopefully i will get the chance to hang out with peeps soon; Possibly going over to Pop's house tomoro, she's possibly coming over here, it depends. also planning on movies Friday.
poll on the side. all for now. gotta finish some gloves.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nekomimi Ears!

maybe a free pattern?

they clip onto your hair, rather than as a headband. more colros and better pics when i tweak the pattern...

Monday, March 9, 2009

If You're Here to Join the Party

Attention to those who came here looking for the Dream Interp Blog Information!
i see you have uncovered my partially concealed lair. and i'm not finished even moving in yet....

anyways, what you need to know/ do:
  • if you plan to join, make your reservations here. i also suggest that if you aren't already, sign up for blogger, so you can officially contribute and whatnot
  • if you are suggesting a title, or just suggesting comment here.
  • if i don't know you or you didn't receive an invite, comment but don't expect to be able to join this exclusive little club. for now anyways.
all for now. name voting starts thursday morning ish and ends 8:00 am-ish saturday

Monday, March 2, 2009

did i say art? i meant anger

there goes my summer...

anyone who comes across this and happens to live in PA, please assist in assaulting gov. rendell's office in angry letters asking to reconsider this decision.

mortal mom wrote a little more intelligibly on this matter, so go read that too

in the meantime, i've got shit to do. even if it is a snow day.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Life and Crochet

i may or may not choose to go into detail about my current circumstance, but all you need to know is
  • i am not on good terms with my parents at this moment.
  • i am grounded in several ways
  • i need to get myself ungrounded or my next 4-6 months will be terribly blaise.
and the fun part: amigurumi hearts! pattern from this instructable. by the way, instructables is one of my favorite websites. the larger one is based on this same pattern. the smaller ones are for sale amongst people i don't have to mail them to. sorry, rest of the internets.

i swear on my life that the next post will be 100% PGSE art.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

PGSE progress report 4... Final??

cross your finger for me, please.

on thursday, Mrs. Taylor drove the portfolios of three of my classmates and myself to the place where they are to be judged. location: generally unknown. but it's somewhere in the county. being judged against other talent in the county.
t-bird says only ten will make it to the next round....
i am so nervous about it. but relieved to be done with it for now. unfortunately i neglected to take pictures, but whenever i get the damned thing back, i'll make a record of the whole set to show off here. and i hope that isn't too soon. i'm already psyched to be spending a month of the summer in Erie, PA.

back to those pics though. i basically pulled all-nighters monday, tuesday, wednesday, and wasn't done until noon thursday XD. and still forgot those pictures! again, oh well. time to move on with my life. which include a paper about photography which was due friday so i have less than 24 hours to write it now, and the best grade i can get is a 'C'. i'm borderline failing the class, so it's better than nothing. and i neglected to spend the last 4(?) months writing it in increments, instead of past the deadline in one 48 hour period. plus the window of time on friday after school. so...57 hours.
my one reward for finishing this ( cause at this point there can't be too many rewards) is spending monday afternoon reading the Law of Talos comic contest entries. it's a competition being run on deviantArt, my home on the internet since 2005, and it is part of what i might be obliged to call a series of competitions being run by a group of popular and friendly artists on the site. and it is really a test of skill. this being the semifinal round, i've pretty much fallen for all the characters left ( not romantically, but fandom-ish, i suppose) and will be devastated no matter who wins or loses. my bet, however, is Blacklillian's characters, Annie and Ginger, aka "The Professor", against Unknown-Person's Karl, the most popular, and only surviving 'villian' of the competition.

all for now. i'm either off to flirt or sleep.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

PGSE progress report 3 + multiple hairs cut

short entry because my parents neglected to tell me we are going to a party this afternoon. so now i have to get ready. i was looking forward to sitting in my own filth all day D:finished and re-matted skate conte!

current works! i really despise the toothpaste one, simple because it is in ebony pencil. which i despise.

and i got a few hair cut. before and after pics