Sunday, October 24, 2010

College Dinner

I was just kind of stunned cause between the two of them =$7.18 /7.20 that is my dinner equiv. they are quite large but still - funny how it works out.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Test for Shane

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Inspiration of the Day

This just cracked me up. Why wouldn't spoons have more than one function?

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nekomimi Receivers

In celebration of the Autumn 2010 Anime line up, I'm putting this online, finally.
I knows I was going to do this months (years?) ago, but I finally got around to it. Super quick project, just in time for Halloween! Both the knit and crochet pattern are super customizable - want to crochet stripes or in a fuzzier yarn? Go right ahead, I'm not stopping you. Have a particular character to cosplay in mind? Adjust accordingly and feel free to ask my help with the math and such.

As per custom, knitting abbreviations here.

Knit - The Cheshire Ears

I don't like headbands; they just don't make them for people with huge heads, like myself. The great thing about these ears is that you can adjust them on your head in whatever way you find comfortable. The striping sequence is made to match the "Turn A Square" hat pattern by Jared Flood. Color changes are totally optional though - make them in your natural or current hair colors! A great project for using up itty-bitty scraps.

Gauge is inconsequential.

Materials :

  • · <10 yards of a worsted weight yarn in 2 colors >
  • · 4.25mm / size 6 dpns
  • · Notions: tapestry needle, scissors, the usual kit and kaboodle.
  • · To wear them, you'll want 4 or 6 bobby pins.

I used:

  • Moda Dea Washable Wool in raspberry (A) and plum (B)

Pattern (make two):

In color A, CO 20. Join in round.

Row 1: k all.

Row 2: *k5 m1 * to end. (24 stitches)

Row 3: k all.

Row 4: (Switch to color B) k all.

Row 5: Pick up first stitch of row 3, and k2tog with first stitch of row 4. k all.

Row 6: (Switch to color A) k all.

Row 7: *k 2tog, k8 ssk* twice. 20 stitches

Row 8: k all.

Row 9: (Switch to color B) *k2tog k6 ssk* twice. (16 stitches)

Row 10: k all.

Row 11: (Switch to color A) *k2tog k4 ssk* twice. (12 stitches)

Row 12: k all.

Row 13: *k2tog k2 ssk* twice. (8 stitches)

Row 14: (Switch to color B) k all.

Row 15: *k2tog ssk* twice. (4 stitches)

Weave ends for color B through the remaining 4 stitches. Tuck or weave in all color B ends

Using the ends of color A, close the ear by slip stitching the bottom seam together. Tuck or weave in ends.

As per custom, crochet abbreviations here.

Crochet version - the Natural Cat


  • About 50-60 yards of lion brand chenille in the colourway closest to your current/natural hair color.
  • 4.00 mm hook
  • Optional - stitch markers.

  • Chain 3, join in round. No slip stitches between rounds.

    2 sc in each chain.6 stitches. 2sc in each sc. 12 stitches. Sc in each sc.

    Sc, 2 sc in next sc 5 times. 18 stitches.
    Sc in each sc for two rows

    2sc, sc in next 2 sc, 24.

    Sc in each sc for two rows.

    Sc2tog, sc in next 4 sc four times. 20 sc.

    Flatten and holding the front sides together, sc 8 across the bottom, slip st. in last 2 sc.

    If you find any mistakes of error, as my mother would put it, please feel free to comment or message me on Ravelry right away so I can correct them.
    PDF version available as soon as I'm not buried in school work X_X

special thanks to my pattern testers:
Val1ant, The youngin, The knitting cat, Mion lion, and Aayjay, all from Ravelry :)

crochet pattern photos ganked form my boyfriend's personal website :o

Saturday, October 2, 2010

First First Friday!

So, despite what feels like a mountain of school work, I made time yesterday to go to my first First Friday. I left my dorm around 6:30 and headed for the nearby subway station, where I ran into Kenan (a cool guy) and a bunch of people from my dorm who were also going to the same spot. We talked for a bit and I kind-of coerced Kenan into taking my crazy scarf - i had brought tit with me in hopes of eschewing it upon someone, and he was the lucky victim. Kenan and i boarded a different car - he was going to an opera - and got so wrapped up in conversation, I didn't realize - I had missed my transfer! I had to wait for a car in the other direction.

Getting off at spring-garden station, I realized, I had no fucking clue as to where I ought to be going. so i got to street level, oriented myself (I had my wisdom teeth taken out at the office right by the subway entrance) and walked all the way to the convention center, looking for a bus that might take me where i ought to be going. I ended up taking the 48 (I had bought a transfer ticket at the first subway station)and finally made it to Penn's Landing, only to realize - I could have just taken the Market-Frankford line and saved myself a dollar. :(

Nonetheless, I was there! I spent the entire evening tromping up and down 2nd street between Market and Arch. Stopped at Brave New Worlds, a truly classy comic shop I've heard nice things about. And it was nice indeed - definitely felt like a boutique, without being snotty, and still had all the necessary traipses of comic geekery.

And as for the actual art galleries:
What definitely interested me most, out of all the things I saw this evening, were the street artists. There were lots of performers but also probably two dozen people just sitting out on curbs with there work on blankets and tables, hocking to the general public. and some of the stuff was absolutely beautiful - one girl, whose card i took but lost, was selling jewelry made form epoxy preserved fruit. Another guy was selling Dr. Who inspired Tshirts and other pop culture prints and whatnot. and there were plenty more just selling their work, in all sizes. it was super inspiring! I bought a cute pair of zebra-print ribbon earrings from some ladies, because I hadn't brought money for more - and it was a good thing too, because i would have bought every other piece on the street!

last but not least a stopped at some of the bookstores - the Book Trader and another whose name escapes me. The former had a very expansive collection, all used items and the whole place smelled like old paper, yum. :)

I decided to head back around 9, but walked up Market street first - past Smak Parlour, a totally high end boutique that had cute, fresh clothes that i could never afford in my lifetime, and on the next block, Artist & Craftsman, definitely the coolest and most well stocked independent art store in which I've ever set foot. It was a little more pricey than some of the small chain competitors in the area, and less convenient relative to where I am in the city, but I'll have to go back sometime and actually buy something>w<

When I finally found another subway station (5th and Market was closed for construction or some nonsense, so i had to go all the way over to 8th Street!) I did okay, but ended up waiting around half an hour at City Hall Station for a train that was never coming - There was a Flyer's game and the local line had been shut down, or something. at that point I noticed I had left the Hall, or at least thought I left the Hall, with my trusty Pokewalker, which was nowhere to be found. I was completely pissed but figured i could find a new one online.I ran into a couple people from my dorm again -Abby, Derek, and a girl whose name escapes me - who had been waiting for the same damned car too. We made it back a little after 10, and after unsuccessfullly attempting to get food at Temple's "Free Food and Fun Fridays" (they ran out of food) I went and just got food at the cafeteria. Ran into more people from Peabody there, and we had a nice chat. over our late dinner.

In the wee hours of the morning I found the Pokewalker - fell off my pants when i was tying my shoes or something before I had left earlier. It was sitting in a pile of laundry on the floor.

and I cut my hair!

Pics to come as soon as i get them uploaded.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Inspiration of the Day

I hear this song occasionally and it always, always makes my eyes well up. X3