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Saturday, July 2, 2011

summer closet cleanout

trying to further minimize the amount of stuff in my life, i'm going through my closet and figuring out what i can get rid of, and it's come to the rather immense box of manga in my attic.
some of the stuff i can't stand to part with, and some i'm just donating to the local library, but the rest is up for grabs!
stuff i'm selling/giving away, priced to include shipping:

Trigun max volumes 1-6 $25 for all
Kamichama karin volumes 3-5 $12 for all
Loveless volumes 1-8 $35 for all
Here is greenwood volumes 2 and 5 $10 for both
Chrono crusade volumes 1-6 $30 for all
Eerie queerie! volumes 1-4 $20 for all
Hands off! volumes 1-3 $15 for all
Imadoki! volumes 1 and 3 $10 for both
Deadman wonderland volumes 1-2 $12 for both

AVATAR:The Last Airbender Season 1 collection $15
Azumanga Daioh vol 1-5 $35 for all box set

email me at if you are interested!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hey, Let's Breath some life into this Just Incase Someone Actually Cares!

Haikus about my
life since i last updated
this sad little blog:

Survived Freshman Year
Didn't need to cry at all
now, buckets at home.

Working Isn't Bad
So long as you're doing it
and getting paid too.

I have made big plans
on how top spend this summer:
sit and knit all day.

I feel inspired
I really hope this feeling
doesn't go to waste

Capital Letters
are severely o'errated
so i won't use them.

i now have these sites:
etsy twitter facebook here.
follow me, you guys.