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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bitten by the Comic Bug

you can say i was a bit bored during my driver's ed class this week.
or you could say i'm being productive. Dood ( the one with the Beret) is (C) Lan-kun.

and then the day after i pieced together some newprint and started paneling. it's not meant to make sense yet. Kudos to whomever figure out the scribblings in the first 2 panels.

no promises about finishing though. characters in order of appearance :
Unnamed OC
Lan-kun's Dood Palette
NP Mische
NP Eugene
NP Dan ( currently just a face, pg 2, p1)
Resh and NP.

dream interp blog is not dead yet! just needs a little bit more discussing...

and also, the Gov School replacement program, Summer Arts at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center ( it's ok to lol, i did too) results sometyime before May 8th. i'm crossing all my crossables.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break Is The Pits

Spring break is halfway over and the most exciting things i'vedone are knit and underwear shop.
the bright side of that is the a found a pretty good strapless bra type item to wear under equally strapless outwear type items. finally.

other than that i've been college/job searching (WTF indeed) and studying for SATs (taking 'em in June) and AP english language and comp. exam (in May). and a little for the driving. XD.

hopefully i will get the chance to hang out with peeps soon; Possibly going over to Pop's house tomoro, she's possibly coming over here, it depends. also planning on movies Friday.
poll on the side. all for now. gotta finish some gloves.