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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sudden Impulse+ Do List 1

i wonder who shall stumble upon this. also, what to post, what not to post, and whether or not i should really be working on this or another in a line of procrastinated-upon term papers.

and so it begins, i suppose.

Tei's Do List ( Chowmein style) #1:

  • term paper rough draft for soc class, due tomorrow, currently 0% finished. eh heh heh.
  • finishing amigurumis for christmas presents ( 4.5 out of ... 7?). and basically no time to do it. Popcorn's can wait until next weekend when she comes over to hang out for two days ( exciting) and we exchange gifts then. she keeps saying she has something nice in store for me. i'm rather curious...
  • Art ( normal) homework. something about drawing shoes. not too exciting.
  • compiling a portfolio to submit to the PGSE. the postmark deadline is the 5th and it look like, a lot of fun. srsly.
  • Graphic Arts class related things. basic photoshop tricks i have yet to learn, and screen printing ' family coat of arms' coasters ( of all things, why coasters?!?!) and suchness.
i'll be posting throughout christmas break, just for the hell of it. there are so many movies i want to see: Benjamin Button, The Spirit, etc...

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