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Sunday, January 11, 2009

PGSE progress report 4... Final??

cross your finger for me, please.

on thursday, Mrs. Taylor drove the portfolios of three of my classmates and myself to the place where they are to be judged. location: generally unknown. but it's somewhere in the county. being judged against other talent in the county.
t-bird says only ten will make it to the next round....
i am so nervous about it. but relieved to be done with it for now. unfortunately i neglected to take pictures, but whenever i get the damned thing back, i'll make a record of the whole set to show off here. and i hope that isn't too soon. i'm already psyched to be spending a month of the summer in Erie, PA.

back to those pics though. i basically pulled all-nighters monday, tuesday, wednesday, and wasn't done until noon thursday XD. and still forgot those pictures! again, oh well. time to move on with my life. which include a paper about photography which was due friday so i have less than 24 hours to write it now, and the best grade i can get is a 'C'. i'm borderline failing the class, so it's better than nothing. and i neglected to spend the last 4(?) months writing it in increments, instead of past the deadline in one 48 hour period. plus the window of time on friday after school. so...57 hours.
my one reward for finishing this ( cause at this point there can't be too many rewards) is spending monday afternoon reading the Law of Talos comic contest entries. it's a competition being run on deviantArt, my home on the internet since 2005, and it is part of what i might be obliged to call a series of competitions being run by a group of popular and friendly artists on the site. and it is really a test of skill. this being the semifinal round, i've pretty much fallen for all the characters left ( not romantically, but fandom-ish, i suppose) and will be devastated no matter who wins or loses. my bet, however, is Blacklillian's characters, Annie and Ginger, aka "The Professor", against Unknown-Person's Karl, the most popular, and only surviving 'villian' of the competition.

all for now. i'm either off to flirt or sleep.

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