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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bitten by the Comic Bug

you can say i was a bit bored during my driver's ed class this week.
or you could say i'm being productive. Dood ( the one with the Beret) is (C) Lan-kun.

and then the day after i pieced together some newprint and started paneling. it's not meant to make sense yet. Kudos to whomever figure out the scribblings in the first 2 panels.

no promises about finishing though. characters in order of appearance :
Unnamed OC
Lan-kun's Dood Palette
NP Mische
NP Eugene
NP Dan ( currently just a face, pg 2, p1)
Resh and NP.

dream interp blog is not dead yet! just needs a little bit more discussing...

and also, the Gov School replacement program, Summer Arts at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center ( it's ok to lol, i did too) results sometyime before May 8th. i'm crossing all my crossables.

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