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Saturday, July 2, 2011

summer closet cleanout

trying to further minimize the amount of stuff in my life, i'm going through my closet and figuring out what i can get rid of, and it's come to the rather immense box of manga in my attic.
some of the stuff i can't stand to part with, and some i'm just donating to the local library, but the rest is up for grabs!
stuff i'm selling/giving away, priced to include shipping:

Trigun max volumes 1-6 $25 for all
Kamichama karin volumes 3-5 $12 for all
Loveless volumes 1-8 $35 for all
Here is greenwood volumes 2 and 5 $10 for both
Chrono crusade volumes 1-6 $30 for all
Eerie queerie! volumes 1-4 $20 for all
Hands off! volumes 1-3 $15 for all
Imadoki! volumes 1 and 3 $10 for both
Deadman wonderland volumes 1-2 $12 for both

AVATAR:The Last Airbender Season 1 collection $15
Azumanga Daioh vol 1-5 $35 for all box set

email me at if you are interested!

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