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Friday, July 9, 2010

Inspiration of the Day: Acquerello by Aurora Yarns with a bead tube

It has been summer for quite a while now! a lot of things have gone down since i last wrote. first of all, i got a phone with a full keyboard! so i've resolved that using it to blog everyday might be good practice typing on this thing. i'll have inspirations of the day, project updates and whatever else strikes me as awesome enough to let the world know about.
right now i'm job hunting, since they're handing out significantly less hours where i'm already employed. however i need my license soon, even if i don't have a car. i failed the first test back at the begining of the month; please wish me luck this time around :).
i have a banch of things i want and need to do before i leave for school in the fall. hopefully i'll get a few done at least, and then i'll tell you all about it.
til next time!

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