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Friday, July 16, 2010

Plague of Flies Cast-Off Marathon and The Internet as Your Enemy.

I've been busy, lazy and increasingly nocturnal this week. On either monday or tuesday, my little sister <let's call her "Glare" cause she's good at that> got in trouble with our folks, her friends, and the nice people who run a popular social networking site. it just goes to show:actions speak louder than words, but on the internet they are one in the same. she made a remark about a friend who had been ignoring her: word got around, bans were made and parents were called. so now she's become social pariah. and my folks have assigned me to address the issue of her internet usage. to be frank i don't want to go near this whole ordeal. so let's think happy thoughts!
when i woke up tuesday morning and opened the door to the office, a dozen flies were chilling out by the window. i moved my yarn and computer out ASAP. and by the end of the day i killed at least 20, though i stopped count at 14.
and i finished all but three of my WIPS! i hibernated or frogged what was left and started anew.

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